Before and After School Activities

School Age 5-12 years old

Digitarz’s learning center is committed to serving children by providing a safe, homework and academic assistance, fun and caring environment that fosters your child’s physical, intellectual and visual skills. We want our program to be an inspiration to live and be social innovators and intelligent thinkers.

Our before and after school program was built to help children maintain social skills and obtain innovative skills in modern technology. In today’s time technology has become an essential part of everyday living. To help children to become interested in what would soon be fundamental skills. We have created interesting activities to attract the young audience. The skills that they will obtain will open the minds of our young generation and generate interest in the technology world.

Program Activities:

  1. Homework Assistance
  2. Recreational Activities
  3. Mobile App Creation
  4. Robotics
  5. Music Creation
  6. Digital Arts
  7. Arts & Crafts


Summer Camp

School Age 5-15 years old

Program Activities: 

    •  (Please call us for additional information on 301-541-7212.)